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HATE: Incorporating HATE in your own Tcl Programs

HATE is structured as a short main program that invokes a library of Tcl procedures stored in a file called hate.tcl. This decomposition is deliberate, as it is anticipated that people may wish to utilize HATE within their own Tcl programs, perhaps as an option under a menu in a graphical user interface.

To make use of HATE in your own Tcl scripts, you need only load the procedures in hate.tcl and invoke a few routines. This is perhaps best illustrated by example -- the following Tcl code is a minimal interface to the HATE routines to process the test script in file mytests.tcl:

  source /usr/local/lib/hate/hate.tcl
  HATE_Args -evaluate -verbose
  HATE_RunScript mytests.tcl
  HATE_Report -counters
Note that this assumes that the file hate.tcl is stored in the directory /usr/local/lib/hate, which is the conventional place on a Unix system but not on other platforms.