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VASE Lab Software

Most of the research that takes place in the VASE Lab results in the production of software.

Image processing and computer vision

  • EVE, the Easy Vision Environment, a continuously-evolving set of computer vision modules written in Python. EVE is intended for interactive development and processing — think of it as a free alternative to Matlab.

  • Jasmine, a GUI for capturing training data and an evolution 'engine' for constructing complete vision systems. Jasmine is a product of our research into vision systems that learn.

  • Java Hough transform code.

Command-line utilities for digital camera images

  • A Tcl script for copying images from a digital camera which appears as a USB mass storage device under Linux or MacOSX. (The output frames have names generated from the date and a sequence number.)

  • A Python script for generating pages of thumbnail images from full-size images.

Java support

  • JavaPlot, a graphing tool that can draw line graphs, bar charts and candlestick plots in Java Swing applications

  • If you use Sean Luke's ECJ genetic programming environment, here is some sample code showing how to convert your best individual at the end of each generation directly into Java code as your GP run is executed.

LATEX support

VASE Lab members are fairly active LATEX users (indeed, Adrian Clark has been using it since 1984, and remains on the TEX implementors mailing list).

  • thesis-layout.tar.gz: a gzipped tar-file containing the template for a PhD thesis that conforms to the University of Essex guidelines.

  • dates.sty: a style file that can output today's date in a variety of formats and is easily modified to support languages other than English.

Obsolete software

  • Software for controlling the pan/tilt/zoom head of Sony EVI-D31 cameras via an RS232 line under Linux.

  • An image capture library that drives (via video4linux) BT848-based capture cards under Linux and SGI capture sub-systems for SGI Indys. We used Hauppage WinTV cards under Linux and achieved full-frame video at 25Hz on suitable PC-class systems.