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This Java program allows you to plot mathematical functions or basic charts. You supply a formula and the program will draw it for you on a line graph.

JavaPlot - plotting two functions JavaPlot - plotting a bar chart with high/low/mean

The GraphPanel object allows you to add these graphs into your Java Swing applicationa easily. The InteractiveGraphPanel is an extention to GraphPanel, which allows the user to move around the graph by dragging the mouse, and zoom in and out with the scroll wheel.

If you need more serious graphing software for Java, you may want to look at jfreechart.


More Information

Have a look at the following code files to see how to use it: shows how to create a simple graph. GraphApplication shows how it can be implemented into a Java SWING application. The classes and show Java implementations of sine and gaussian probability functions respectively.

A simple way to visualise a mathematical function:

Graph rendering code is in; do have a look.

Online Demo

Run as Java Applet


The source code, along with compiled classes and JAR file are available here: